Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Expat Election Junkie X

Midnight: Obama's victory speech. I can still not quite believe it when I hear Dimbers speak about him as "the president elect". I'll be expecting a lot of staring into the distance, but I also have my handkerchief ready. Just how many people are at this rally? It looks like thousands.

Obama promises the kids a new puppy. Reminds me of promising the kids two cats when we came to America.

00.19: Very statesman-like speech from Obama. Something about his coolness alongside the crowd's emotion made this a wonderful sight. Great money-shot of Barack and Michelle's embrace and a lip-read "I love you".

00.22: So how come I managed to time my first American election (well, first when I am present here) as this one?

00:49: looks like I might be able to get a reasonably early night. Who'd have thought that we would be past even the endgame by this stage? Ten minutes time and the Today programme (on Radio 4, not the American TV one) will get underway with the serious analysis. Might take that to bed with me. Goodnight on this historic night.

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