Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Expat Election Junkie VI

9.20pm: Can't help thinking that it's as good as over for McCain. Is that just because I don't understand these things? How can McCain win from here? Great piece in Oliver Burkeman's live blog:

In Phoenix, Dan Glaister tells me, the big screen broadcasting the results to the McCainites suddenly cut out when the Pennsylvania calls started coming in; instead, they were treated to a Hall & Oates song, and now they're listening to Kool and the Gang. Two different realities...

9.23pm: Ridiculous argument on BBC1 between an American with a moustache who refused to understand the nice British reporter's point, that Sarah Palin did not manage to attract independent voters. The moustached American keeps repeating that Palin energized the base of the Republican Party, which the nice British reporter was not disputing.

9.28pm: How come BBC America, CNN and MSNBC all have adverts at the same time? Surely I am not going to have to go to Fox, am I?

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