Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Expat Election Junkie update

11.34am: I am not surprised that there are queues at the polls. Before leaving home this morning, I watched Obama casting his vote live on CNN and it appeared to take a good fifteen or twenty minutes. Surely he wasn't spending all that time making up his mind on who to vote for? Without wanting to sound like a Luddite, and with memories of 2000, I can't help thinking that the British method of a black pencil cross on a piece of paper remains the most efficient and reliable way of voting.

One of my students was wearing a big Obama t-shirt in class. There is no voting at Duke, as far as I can see, the "one stop voting" of the last couple of weeks apparently now over. Some of the schools are closed, including the one that our girls go to. Others begun with a two-hour delay in order to allow people to vote, or to help ease traffic congestion.

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