Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Expat Election Junkie VIII

10.47pm: Long pause to make sure that the kids are getting ready for bed and to do housework; more still to do, of course. My first memory of an American election is 1976, Ford / Carter. I remember coming down for breakfast and my dad having it on the TV; it was interesting to a child because in those days there was no breakfast TV, so having BBC1 on in the morning was something of a novelty. I am pretty sure that our kids will always remember this election.

The story is now clear. It is just a case of waiting for the inevitable. Still Burkeman is the place to go. Obama is at 207, McCain 147. Fox calls Virginia for Obama.

10.51pm: Dimbers on BBC1 says that he thinks we are within 10 minutes of the declaration for Obama. Clips of people being interviewed by John Timpson already celebrating the presumed results. The party is about to begin.

11pm: CNN Projection says "Barack Obama Elected President". Pause while we all get choked up.

11.06pm: the TV pictures are now all about the celebrations. What a wonderful night. CNN: "Transformation in how the world sees us."

11.08pm: delightful moment as one of CNN's analysts (forget his name, but the largish, goaty bearded black guy) gets a bit tearful.

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