Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Expat Election Junkie VII

9.34pm: CNN tell us that Obama is out-performing Kerry everywhere. And then they call what Fox has been calling and uncalling of the last twenty minutes -- Ohio. Burkeman says that this is it -- this is the moment:

Unless they've made a bad, bad error, this will almost certainly be the moment the election was decided: McCain would have to flip a solid Kerry state over to the Republicans in order to win now. ...Wow, so apparently what happened is that Fox called Ohio, un-called it, and called it again. They are certainly calling it now. NBC calls Ohio for Obama, too.
9.53pm: CNN note that the popular vote is 49% / 50% in favour of Obama, much closer than the current electoral college count-up, where Obama is up to 200 and racing towards the 270 needed.

9.56pm: Jeremy Vine on BBC1 has at last got some decent graphics going, though somewhat too smart-board like.

10pm: Burkeman continues to report on the Republican denial.

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