Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Expat Election Junkie IV

8pm: back from swimming a mile. The NPR coverage on the radio on the way back is still at the filling in stage, talking about turn out and the like; no major news yet. I love that about election nights, both here and back in the UK -- there is that period of phony war in the early stages and then the sudden rush of energy as the results come piling in.

Back at home, Viola has got the toasted sandwiches going, and I grab my first beer from the fridge. We go straight to the BBC America coverage and enjoy that for a bit; the girls enjoy the fact that they are wearing poppies -- nobody wears poppies here. But the BBC America coverage feels a little bit slow and it is time for a bit more energy. We have switched over to CNN and will probably stay with them for much of the evening.

8.11pm: It is already looking like Obama's night. Is it going to be a landslide?

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