Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Expat Election Junkie V

8.54pm: Of real local interest, Kay Hagan defeats Elizabth Dole in North Carolina. This is the one that we have heard a lot about down our way; some grim adverts have been on TV, including the notorious "Godless" one.

8.56pm: Back to BBC America: at last Jeremy Vine is on, but his graphics are really disappointing -- worse than CNN. I am afraid the BBCTV coverage is lagging behind tonight. Not the same energy, not sufficiently up to speed. Mind you, three cheers for Dimbers who is talking now about how brilliant the British voting system is, and how rubbish the American system is. I couldn't agree more. "Recipe for chaos", Dimbers says, in an enjoyable rant in which he comments on the lawyers circling to check that the voting machines are in order. Up pencils and paper! Up the UK system and common sense!

9pm: Republicans are still holding out for the possibility of a McCain victory but I can't see it happening. BBC has it at Obama 171 / McCain 49 at the moment. Obama half-way there.

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