Thursday, 29 April 2010

UK Election: the Third and Final Leaders' Debate

In the aftermath of bigotgate, tonight's leaders' debate is looking all the more interesting.  If you are wondering where to find the third and final leaders' debate on US TV, the good news is that once again C-SPAN have stepped up to the plate.  Their 2010 British Election Debate page has this morning been updated to announce that the debate will be aired live on C-SPAN 3, also live on their website.

On the previous two occasions, ITV and Sky also made the debates available online live for international viewers.  It is not clear at this point whether the BBC will retain the usual lock-out to international users, so online viewers will be best off following it either on the C-SPAN stream or on CNN (CNN UK Election blog).   CNN are planning to stream the third debate -- see Live UK Debate Coverage on CNN. Those with CNN International will be able to catch it on that TV channel too.

For following along live on the net, I'd also recommend The Guardian's General Election Live blog.  They have been right on top of all the developments, and it is packed with interesting comment.

The debate is all the more interesting to me since it is located at the University of Birmingham, my former employer, where I spent a happy decade.  It's been nice to see the pictures and news coverage from there.  The debate takes place in the Great Hall, where the graduation ceremonies take place every July.

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