Saturday, 17 April 2010

Doctor Who and BBC America today

A year or so ago I posted on the problems Doctor Who was having getting a proper home and proper treatment here in America (Doctor Who back in America -- at last).  Well, all that has changed now, and its new home, BBC America, begins airing the new series tonight, "at 9/8 Central" as they say here, which means 9pm Eastern time, 8pm Central time.  There are lots of things to like about the way BBC America are are treating the new series:

  • It is only two weeks behind the UK.  It is excellent to have the show on here so soon after its British outing.  This kind of convergence has been happening increasingly with international programme, and in the opposite direction, US to UK, too.
  • It's available in HD.  Doctor Who only went into High Definition with the 2009 specials, and it is good news that it is being broadcast here in HD.  I realize that not everyone yet has BBC America HD, but we are among the lucky ones here in Raleigh.
  • There has been a massive and unprecedented media blitz.  For the first time ever, the main stars (Matt Smith as the doctor, Karen Gillan as Amy Pond) and chief honchos (Steven Moffat, the head writer, and producers Beth Willis and Piers Wenger) have been in the US promoting the show before it airs (Doctor Who in New York; Doctor Who Mania hits New York).
  • BBC America are airing a Doctor Who marathon today, with back to back episodes from 2008 and 2009 ahead of the premiere of the new series tonight at 9.
Well, I for one will be watching.  I'd encourage all those who are a bit naughty and who find episodes "by other means" to tune in tonight too, and support this great effort by BBC America who will probably get an excellent audience for this new series.

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