Thursday, 15 April 2010

UK Election: Leaders' Debates' USA Coverage Update

I blogged yesterday on British Election Coverage in the USA: the leaders' debates and I am happy to add now an update from Jeremy at C-SPAN, who offered this comment in my post:

I wanted to let you know that the first of these British debates, between Prime Minister Gordon Brown, Conservative Leader David Cameron and Liberal Democrat Leader Nick Clegg, will be shown LIVE on C-SPAN3.

Here’s the link to our webpage on the 2010 British Elections, along with a link to our LIVE stream of C-SPAN3. Be sure to check the website in the coming weeks for information on further coverage of the debates.
I'd like to thank Jeremy for letting me know this good news, and I am delighted to hear that the first of the debates is going out live.  Let's hope that the other two will go out live too.  Since I am at work, I am setting the DVR at home for this one, and will be trying to catch some of the livestream while at work.  Down our way, C-SPAN 3 is Channel 120.  You can watch it live online here: C-SPAN Live Stream, or after the event here: C-SPAN 3. The event is also covered on the front of C-SPAN's homepage.

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