Monday, 19 April 2010

UK Election: the Second Leaders' Debate

Well, who would have thought that the first of the Leaders' Debates would have been such an event, and that it would have made such an impact on the campaign? With the big surge for the Lib Dems following on from Nick Clegg's performance in the debate last week, all the more attention is focused on the second of the debates this Thursday at 8pm (British Summer Time).

Last week, I was delighted to hear from C-SPAN here on the Resident Alien blog that they were to be broadcasting the first of the leaders' debates live.  I followed the debate first online, via their live stream, and then when I got home on DVR from the C-SPAN 3 channel.  If you missed it, it is still available on ITV's Youtube Channel, and it is not locked down for international users.  But what of the second leaders' debate in the US?

There is no news yet from C-SPAN about whether they will be broadcasting it live, but we'll be keeping an eye out on their 2010 British Election page for updates and will report here as soon as there is any news.  C-SPAN are promising to show the recorded version next Sunday at 9pm ET.

The broadcasters for this second debate are Sky News and it looks like it will be possible to access their coverage live on the net via Sky News online, though it is not certain yet whether they will lock it down to international users.  Some details are available at Where to Watch the Sky News Leaders Debate, though this is aimed mainly at UK-based British users.


TonyTheProf said...

Off topic, but how has the flight chaos of Europe been reported from America?

I know we've CNN with satellite now, but what I'd like to know is how ordinary people in the USA are reacting to the story; is it even talked about? What is being said? (for an NT scholar, like yourself, what is the oral tradition!!)

Mark Goodacre said...

It's been covered a fair bit. I was at a meeting in Atlanta at the weekend when it was the main talk in spare moments, with people sharing stories of people they knew who had got stuck and so on.