Monday, 6 August 2007

Viola's Work Permit

Several readers of Viola's excellent Americanization of Emily have been reading my new personal blog here, and one of the frequently asked questions is "What has happened to Viola's blog?" Lots of people, including me, have been missing the once regular posts. I can't, of course, answer for Viola except to share the good news that she recently received her work permit, after almost two years of life in North Carolina, and that means that she is now working hard and receiving an income. We petitioned for the work permit as part of our green card application. We don't know yet how long it will be before we receive the green card, but one benefit of the application process is that a spouse is able to petition for a work permit as an element within the application. The work she is doing is some sort of complicated computer stuff. It's great to be a two income family for the first time. But my guess is that there won't be many Americanization of Emily posts for the time being.


Michael said...

Congratulations to Viola! And your pocketbooks!

Jacqui said...

Congrats to Viola and wish her well in her endeavours.

I am still looking for employment unfortunately. My degree (fine art) doesn't translate into much and the college has lost all the records for my art therapy diploma. No Transcripts, not much good over here.

I have thought of looking in to teaching but all teachers in TX need a basic math requirement and to be honest after 30+ of not doing math, I have little chance of passing the requirement.

However, still looking, even $7.50 ph for shop work would be welcome with 2 kids in college from next week!