Wednesday, 1 August 2007

No more BBC vodcasts

Where the BBC used to list a number of available vodcasts (= video podcasts, highlights of BBC programmes available for download), we now just have the following summary paragraph:

The video podcasts have been part of a year long trial, to help the BBC find out what people want from services like this and how they use them. This trial has now come to an end, which means that from the end of July the video podcasts will no longer be produced. We are now looking at how the trial went and what we can learn from it, and will decide what happens next later in the year. Thanks for your interest. (Podcasts from BBC News)
So from today, no more BBC vodcasts. And I will miss them. I was a regular downloader of the Panorama, Question Time, PMQs and and Breakfast Takeaway vodcasts and I thought they were a great success. They were especially welcome for us expats without ready access to BBC content. My message to the BBC on this one is: thank you very much for the last year of vodcasts; the trial was a great success with me; please bring them back soon -- I'm missing them!

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