Wednesday, 8 August 2007

An American Life on Mars?

One of the best British TV series of recent times has been Life on Mars. Viola and I are just finishing the first series on DVD, and looking forward to the second. Digital Spy reports that David Kelley is planning an American version, but that the British stars of the series, John Simm and Philip Glenister, have turned down roles:

. . . . Simm, who played DI Sam Tyler in the cop drama isn't interested, saying: "They wanted us to have US accents. But I don’t know why they have to remake everything.

"Anyway, they have already got their own version of our show — Starsky & Hutch.”
It is interesting to see American attempts at remaking great British TV series. The American Office, in particular, has been a triumph, but there have been many more failures. Part of the difficulty, I think, is that not every series lends itself to the American 20+ episodes a year intensive treatment.

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CS Sweatman said...

Just a thought (and please forgive the oddity of it): but do you think that part of the failure for American copy-cat shows is because they are exactly that--copies? It seems that in the attempt to mimic shows that are successful in one culture, the ability to portray "our" culture in creative (and successful) ways is stifled.