Thursday, 16 August 2007

Classic Doctor Who in 5 minutes

A correspondent suggested to me yesterday that the primary reason I had set up this blog was to have the chance to go on about Doctor Who as much as I want. This reminds me that it is almost two weeks since I last blogged about it, and I have a nice Youtube clip to share (hat tip: SF Gospel and Paul Cornell's House of Awkwardness). It is a five minute condensation of every single Doctor Who story, from 1963 to 1996 (so called "classic Doctor Who"):

Lots of fun. One thing that struck me was just how many dalek stories there have been across the years.


Tony Williams said...

Hi Mark.
I'm really enjoying your new blog. A nice little gem you've found here. It was nice to see you last month. Claire hadn't seen your blog so she'll also be subscribing now.

Mark Goodacre said...

Hi Tony. Thanks! It was great to see you in June too. Hi to Claire and the boys.

Anonymous said...

*giggles* thanks for that Mark: Great stuff.

ABC finally aired 'Human Nature' last night, and seeing as we're out of town next week we watched a *cough*bittorrent*cough* rip of 'Family of Blood' just now.

I have to say that it was fanbloodytastic. Paul Cornell (that's our new favourite cuss word; 'Paul C'nell!'). The whole thing about the Dr went into hiding because he was *merciful*, and the justice of the punishment - living forever- was gob-smacking. The son, watching over England forever. You so realized that the Dr is not human in that episode, yet contains all of humanity in himself. And of course, things like the boys crying in terror in the stand-to in school, yet standing-to nonetheless, and the final scene at the memorial - I was choked. Things like Tom Baker asking "have I the right. . ." were close, but Classic Who was never quite this good.

Mark Goodacre said...

Hi Richard. Thanks a lot for that. I quite agree with you. I blogged about Human Nature over on NT Gateway blog @ .

Anonymous said...

Yes Mark, I remember being fascinated by your NT post when you made it; and longing for the actual episode to be shown!