Saturday, 5 July 2008

Doctor Who Overdrive!

While we were enjoying the 4th of July, it seems that the UK media went into overdrive on the excitement generated by the last episode of the current series of Doctor Who later today, and not without reason. Last week's episode was such a fabulous, thrill-a-minute ride, especially for long time fans of the show, with the most exciting cliffhanger in the history of the show, that it is difficult not to be very excited indeed about the final episode tomorrow. I was delighted to read this round-up on Outpost Gallifrey:

Media round-up - UK in Doctor Who meltdown

The British media has gone into Doctor Who overdrive in recent days, with a frenzy of comment, speculation and analysis across all kinds of outlets on television, radio, the internet and in print. As the week has gone on the avalanche of coverage ahead of tomorrow's climactic finale to series four has continued to build, and the excitement shows no sign of dying down yet.

This evening, BBC One's main early evening news bulletin, the Six O'Clock News, carried a report from entertainment correspondent Lizo Mzimba, looking at the secrecy surrounding tomorrow night's episode. It featured a short new clip from the episode, as well as comments from Freema Agyeman - who said friends had been texting her about the series, and people on the street had been asking her about the episode all week - and Russell T Davies. Following the showing of the report, the weatherman commented that this Saturday's rainy weather would be suitable for staying indoors and watching Doctor Who! . . . .
Fantastic! I love "event television", telly that gets the nation talking, the family gathered in front of the telly! Bring on the rain! Bring on the finale! (We will be incommunicado to the outside world tomorrow just in case we accidentally catch a spoiler).


Steven Harris said...

I can't remember the last time I was so excited about a TV show!

Last week's episode was absolutely brilliant and the return of Davros was a compelling twist.

I'd be quite sad if Tennant leaves the series but it might not be the case just yet, we'll have to wait and see...

Chris Knight said...

Hello, I'm a fellow Doctor Who fan over here in Reidsville! I've been downloading episodes via torrent 'cuz I can't wait to have precious new Doctor Who! :-) Last week's show was AMAZING! Here's the review that I wrote about it. I'm betting that Tennant won't leave the show yet, but that we'll somehow see a future incarnation of the Doctor and that Christopher Eccleston's version will make an appearance, given that this is Russell T. Davies's swan song and he'd want to salute the Doctor who brought it all back.

I think that at about 2 this afternoon the Internet is going to melt down from everyone on this side of the pond trying to download it :-P

Love your blog! I'll have to visit it again more often :-)