Monday, 21 July 2008

Blog name change

I have been experimenting with my Personal Blog for almost a year now, and I have decided to continue the experiment for another year or so. I notice that the posts that get the most interest are those about British expat living in the USA and to a large extent they are the most enjoyable to write. I am adjusting the name of the blog from the riveting and catching "Mark Goodacre's Personal Blog" to "The Resident Alien". I couldn't have called it that a year ago because we didn't yet have our green cards at that point, but now that we have, there is something strangely appropriate about that describing the blog that way. Incidentally, I notice in looking back on my post, "Our Green Cards Have Arrived" that I have never added mention that the kids also received their green cards not long after that post. It turned out that the business of getting a new birth certificate was straightforward and a formality. When we returned to England last time -- in April -- we were all able to walk through with the US citizens and the green card holders. It's nice not to have to fill in those white forms on the way through too.

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