Wednesday, 5 May 2010

C-SPAN show British Party Election Broadcasts

There is no official confirmation yet that C-SPAN will be broadcasting BBC's Election Night tomorrow, but the signs are good.  C-SPAN will release their schedules for tomorrow this evening.  In the mean time, they have added a feature on the British Party Election Broadcasts.  The first of them, the Labour Party one, is of interest to Doctor Who fans because it features Sean Pertwee, son of the third doctor, Jon Pertwee, mentioned at the beginning of the broadcast.  And the voiceover at the end is from tenth doctor, David Tennant.


Alex in NYC said...

Excellent! I have my fingers crossed. Thanks for your close monitoring of this situation - I couldn't believe it when I saw BBC America's schedule for the night - back to back Gordon Ramsey!

Mark Goodacre said...

Yes, BBC America have really dropped the ball on this one.