Monday, 5 May 2008

Prisoner Remake back on the agenda

I think I am pleased to hear the news that the remake of The Prisoner is back on the agenda again, after Sky TV pulled out a couple of years ago (No Prisoner remake . . .). ITV are making it, but there is precious little information so far. The two actors currently mentioned in connection with the role of Number Six would both be interesting choices, Christopher Eccleston (brilliant as the ninth doctor in the revived Doctor Who in 2005) and Jim Caviezel. Both actors have "Jesus" connections, Eccleston in the Russell T. Davies drama, The Second Coming in 2003, and Jim Caviezel in Mel Gibson's Passion of the Christ. I doubt that either figure will end up in the role, but either would be very interesting.

The best news article on the proposed remake is on BBC News, Prisoner remake "set to go ahead". The Prisoner Online is keeping watch; so too are The Unmutual, Six of One and Portmeirion's own website.

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Anonymous said...

That's fantastic. I'd love to see a modern version with a new rotating series of Number Twos.

The actor for Number Six is important - they can't just look pretty in the jacket, he needs to have the Everyman quality.

It would be nice, also, if they shot the new series entirely in Portmeirion instead of just the first few episodes.