Monday, 5 May 2008

Nottingham Forest Promoted!

These have been difficult years for the once great Nottingham Forest. As a child, I used to watch them at the City Ground pretty regularly, and they were the glory days -- Brian Clough, Trevor Francis, John Robertson, Tony Woodcock, Garry Byrtles, Kenny Burns, Peter Shilton, Viv Anderson, two European Cups and more. It's not quite so easy to support them from overseas, especially while they've been languishing in League 1, but I'm naturally delighted that they secured promotion from League 1 to the Championship on Saturday, the best news the club has had in some years. And with Derby County getting relegated from the Premiership, once again Forest will be meeting Derby next season. Wonder who will finish higher?

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Matt Page said...

As a Leeds fan I was naturally disappointed that our points appeal was unsuccessful, but was glad that it was Forest that got the other automatic promotion place. Not only because being in Loughborough they are one of my three local teams (and the other two both got relegated!), but also because whilst our court case was going through, they just got on with the matter in hand instead of whinging about Leeds in the media as Carlisle and Doncaster did. Looks like that paid off or Forest too. They kept their focus on what they could do, and as a result they'll be the ones in the championship next year.