Friday, 28 March 2008

Charlotte Green giggling on Today

This gave me a lot of pleasure today -- Charlotte Green, the quintessential Radio 4 news reader, tries to suppress giggles during the 8am news broadcast. It's worth listening to a couple of times, especially if you are a bit of a giggler yourself:

Charlotte Green gets the giggles on BBC Radio 4

That link is to The Guardian's page on it, though I heard it first via the Today programme podcast -- and it was greatly to their credit that they put it out on the feed. BBC News later added a nice page on it:

Radio 4 news hit by giggling fit

Hundreds of listeners have contacted BBC Radio 4 after newsreader Charlotte Green dissolved into giggles while reading a bulletin on Today.

She lost control after playing a clip of the oldest known recording of the human voice.

Presenter James Naughtie intervened as she struggled to tell listeners about the death of screenwriter Abby Mann.

"I'm afraid I just lost it, I was completely ambushed by the giggles," said Green . . .
Not surprisingly, it has already hit Youtube, including this version, which has adds a couple of other enjoyable clips from older Today programmes:

And while we are talking about giggling, this, of course, is the all-time classic, Brian Johsnton (still so greatly missed) and Jonathan Agnew:

(Unfortunately, the uploader mishears "Aggers" for "Angus" in his on-screen comment, but it's still a pleasure to listen to).

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