Monday, 21 January 2008


When writing my Ralphies recently, I was amazed and disappointed to find out how little I had been to the cinema in 2007 and vowed to put that right in 2008. Well, we've made a good start and even went to see Cloverfield on its opening weekend. I like to go to see a film on its opening weekend because there is no chance yet for any hype to have got to you, you've not seen or heard any reviews, you experience it raw and new. I loved Cloverfield though Viola felt totally sea-sick with all the swaying of the camera and had to experience most of it with her eyes closed, and Emily too. I began to feel a little nauseous too, but that may have been the "butter" they put on the popcorn here, something that always seems very appealing when you first go in to the cinema ("theater") but regret about half-way through eating it. I am not going to review it, but will leave it to those with the expertise to do so. One of my favourite blogs, Filmchat, has some great initial reflections on Cloverfield, Memory and Time. I'd just say: (1) Don't expect to be able to watch much of it if you get seasick easily; (2) You probably won't be disappointed; (3) I hope that it does not launch a thousand copy-cat films of the swaying personal camcorder, no music, personal chronicle kind. Just because this film does it brilliantly doesn't mean that we should have to put up with loads of films trying to do the same thing badly.


Juti said...

Thanks for the warning regarding the shaky-hand style of cinematography. I don't know why they insist on using it; it's distracting, besides making some of us dizzy.

Viola said...

You'll be very lucky to get away with just being dizzy in this film. Huge waves of nausea is more like it. I was very close to having to make my way to the nearest toilet, but decided to take a risk and stay in my seat.