Monday, 3 December 2007

Muralitharan's Test Record, and a Sky News Report

I'm not able to watch as much of the cricket at the moment as I would like. The first test in a three match series between England and Sri Lanka began on Saturday, but it starts here each night at midnight (5am GMT), so even if I have a late night, I only catch the beginning. It is very annoying too that Test Match Special is unavailable to international users, and I haven't managed to find a back door that will allow me to listen. So I'm mainly managing with the TMS Podcast each morning (this time with Simon Hughes alongside Jonathan Agnew), and what I can find on the net, including some interesting bits and bobs on Youtube.

The early morning (our time) play today was momentous. Muttiah Muralitharan became the all time leading wicket taker in Test cricket, overtaking Shane Warne's 708 wickets, itself still a very recent memory. The following clip, from Sky News this afternoon, is unintentionally hilarious. As usual, there is more discussion of Murali's controversial action than there is of his amazing achievement. But here it becomes clear from quite early on that the Sky News presenter knows almost nothing about the game. Instead of a cricketing expert in the studio, she is joined by a physiotherapist who brings with her an arm so that she can illustrate Murali's congenital defect, and the big issue that worries the presenter is whether Murali will have arthritis in his old age, an issue she comes back to repeatedly. So congratulations to Murali on his fantastic achievement, and I hope you enjoy this bizarre (lack of a?) tribute:


Viswanathan said...


I am snitching this video for my blog.

A question, do you think he is a chucker?

Mark Goodacre said...


Thanks for your comment. No, I don't think he is a chucker. I've watched lots of footage of him in action and I think the evidence is good that he bowls legally.

Anonymous said...

Awesome post Mark... it sure gave some insight into his bowling... cheers mate

Viswanathan said...


O K by me. Just wanted to hear you on the subject as you are far away from the heat of the battle. :)

Peter M. Head said...

Hilarious. And they call that "news"!
Of course he is a chucker. Ask any Australian.

BrettB said...

I am a former student at Duke and just started reading your blog. I now play baseball in the minor leagues and couldn't help but notice the similarities baseball has with cricket. I never saw cricket played before, but I was immediately interested because of baseball. Since you are in America now, perhaps you should try catch a baseball game, since it is our national past time.

Mark Goodacre said...

Hi Brett. Thanks for your comment. I went to my first baseball game last August -- went to see the Durham Bulls and had a very enjoyable evening out. We would definitely go again. Who are you playing for? Cheers, Mark