Sunday, 21 October 2007

Fifth Doctor and Tenth Doctor meet

I am delighted to see tonight that the BBC have made official what has been rumoured now for some time, that the forthcoming BBC Children in Need event on 16 November is going to feature a "special scene" in which "David Tennant's Tenth Doctor is set to meet Peter Davison's Fifth Doctor":

Who Needs Another Doctor?

The BBC's Doctor Who website has a nice picture of Tennant and Davison, and The Sun has somehow scooped an even better one.

Children in Need have a fine reputation for Doctor Who specials. Don't forget that two years ago we had this treat, six minutes of footage of the Doctor and Rose, immediately after the regeneration from the ninth to the tenth doctor, a scene some have called "the lost episode" of Doctor Who, since this was not part of the "Christmas Invasion" epsisode a month or so later:

There were other, less honourable efforts too, like Dimensions in Time in 1993, which had appearances from all the doctors then alive. But the good news about the new Children in Need special is that it will be written by Steven Moffatt, who has a fine pedigree, the author of one of the best Doctor Who episodes ever, "Blink", as well as the Comic Relief Doctor Who special starring Rowan Atkinson et al, in 1999.

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