Saturday, 30 October 2010

Two Minute Timelord's BBC Week, and My Guest Spot

A week or so ago, my friend Chip, of the excellent Two Minute Timelord Podcast, produced a special "BBC Week" in which he featured several guest presenters discussing the past, present and future of the BBC, celebrating the corporation and its flagship programme Doctor Who, while reflecting on the anxieties in the road ahead.  The series begins with 2MTL 165: BBC's Under Pressure; How's Doctor Who? (Chip) and continues with 2MTL 166: Perryman's Prediction: The Future of Doctor Who at the BBC (Neil Perryman), 2MTL 168: Toby Hadoke Knows His BBC (by Simon Harries) and 2MTL 169: BBC Week Finale plus Shaun Lyon of Gallifrey One (Chip);  and in the middle there, a guest spot from me: 2MTL 167: The BBC from Distant Shores, and That Big SJA Spoiler, which you can also catch here:

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karlota blogs said...

congratulations on the spot.. can't watch it in the office as any streaming is banned..

-just blogwalking