Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Wearing my poppy with pride

Today is Remembrance Day in the UK. In the USA it is called Veterans Day or Armistice Day. It is a state holiday and so my kids are off school, though my employer (Duke) has classes as normal.

As I pointed out in a post here a couple of years ago (No Poppies in America on Remembrance Day), people here don't wear poppies on 11 November, or the week leading up to it, as they do in England. I really miss it, and so the Resident Alien Blog is wearing its poppy with pride to honour those who have fallen in the wars.


AKMA said...

Drat, I forgot to wear mine. Or (wore precisely) I wasn't sure when one should stop wearing them, since I saw very few yesterday and Sunday was widely observed as Remembrance Sunday.

Next year I'll know better.

M. Lail said...

Great post (as always). We were discussing this at work today. We're all Americans here, but the older ones remember when this was a tradition. Too bad we don't keep this up. Thanks to posts like yours, the idea is still out there. Hopefully it can be resurrected.

Mark Goodacre said...

I think wearing the poppy on Remembrance Sunday is important but then yes, people hang on to them until 11th.

Thanks, M.

Daniel Graves said...

Come to Canada and you can wear a poppy, Mark (we call it Remembrance Day here, too).

Fr. Dan

Limey Survivor said...

I too am an expat and I always wear a poppy during Remembrance Week - am amazed how many US citizens ask why!!!!!

Look at Trafalgar Square in London today - see the ceremonies all over the UK - see traffic stopped for 2 minutes at 11am - I don't think it is a holiday in the UK but truly a REMEMBRANCE DAY

Limey Survivor