Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Favourite Jonny Cash Song

Over on the Jesus Creed, Scot McKnight asks "What is your favorite song by Johnny Cash?" He goes for "Jackson". My choice might seem a little eccentric, but it is his cover version of the Hank William's classic "I Saw the Light":

This comes from the 1974 episode of Columbo starring Johnny Cash as Tommy Brown (season 3, episode 7, "Swan Song"). I watched this episode when the BBC we re-showing the entirety of Columbo in he late 1980s and it made a massive impression on me, introducing me to Johnny Cash for the first time and developing my love for the Columbo TV series.


Anonymous said...

Either "Folsom Prison Blues" or "Ring of Fire" ... Neither is very deep, but then deep is overrated.

Roger Loyd (who doesn't like the Google/Blogger system)

Selah beth said...

I saw the Light always makes me feel happy. I think it's just that kind of song.
I think my fave Cash song is Delia's Gone tho
Columbo rules.